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Getting a great score on your college entrance test begins with preparation. Our Test Masters Program can help you reduce test anxiety and improve test scores.

Test Masters Program

Preparing for an upcoming exam, whether it's the SAT, ACT or another entrance exam, can be a daunting task. However, if you prepare beforehand, test day will be a completely different experience with better results.

Regardless if you have taken the exam before, our Test Masters Program is designed to help improve scores. Our 3-step process ensures that students understand not only what will be ON the test, but also HOW to take the test.

~ Step 1 will provide an introduction to the test, discuss strategies and includes a diagnostic test for both verbal and math. The results of this test, discussed in depth during the first tutoring session in Step 2, will help determine a tutoring plan.

~Step 2
is focused on addressing problem areas that will ultimately improve test scores. Either through private, semi-private or group tutoring, students will attend sessions held at our Tutoring Center. Package hours are flexible, however we have determined that for optimal results, a 16-hour package is the best solution and value.

~ Step 3
consists of two additional diagnostic tests. These tests are scheduled after the 6th and 12th hour of tutoring so we can record progress and address any concerns BEFORE test day. Test scores are provided (typically on the same day) and a consultation is set for the student, parent and tutor to assess results.


>Designed to get results!
> Focus on specific areas to improve
> Flexible, 16-hour packages
> Private (1 to 1), Semi-Private (2-4 students) or Group (5+ students)


> Scheduled after 6th and 12th hour of tutoring
> Full-length tests
> Comprehensive assessment of progress
> Flexible test dates and times

*Contact us for pricing and availability.

CONTACT US to setup an initial consultation or to get answers on how to help improve test scores!

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